GRN Call for Proposals

The Graduate Research Network (GRN) is a network of writing and technology researchers and mentors that collectively sponsor an annual workshop at the Computers and Writing Conference to provide an ideal setting for graduate students to share work-in-progress research with scholars of similar interests. Work-in-progress reviews for work at any stage of completion—from conceptualization to publication—are facilitated with scholars in the field serving as discussion leaders.

The GRN organizes and hosts the workshop and raises money for GRN Travel Grant Awards through an annual fundraiser ( The awards offset the cost of travel to the GRN and the Computers and Writing conference for graduate students and non-tenure-track faculty.

Call for Proposals

We are seeking proposals for in-process writing and research projects for roundtable discussions at the 21st annual  Computers & Writing Graduate Research Network (GRN), held in conjunction with the Computers and Writing Conference:

GRN, June 22, 2023, 9am
Computers and Writing Conference, June 22-25, 2023
Conference host: University of California, Davis
Location: Davis, CA
Contact email:

The Computers and Writing  Graduate Research Network is an all-day pre-conference workshop event, open to all registered conference participants at no charge.

Why attend?

Our all-day, pre-conference event is FREE and open to all registered conference participants. Our roundtable discussions provide an ideal setting to share research with colleagues of similar interests. Conversations are facilitated by discussion leaders and work at any stage of completion—from conceptualization to publication—is welcome.

What can the GRN do for me?

  • Jumpstart a new research project
  • Overcome dissertation / thesis dead-ends
  • Acquire feedback on current projects
  • Discover venues for future publication
  • Prepare for your academic career search
  • Get to know, learn from, and conspire with key members of the C&W community
  • Presenters may qualify for a GRN travel grant award!

Deadline: Submit Your Proposal by April 1, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.